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Barvi Forest Night Camp and Exploration

For all of you Thrill seekers out there, The Nature's Eye presents Night Camping and Exploration at Barvi Forest. The camp is specially prepared for those who want to experience the real forest. Where we will be exploring the forest in the night and early in the morning both of which are the best times to experience the life of the forest.  The locations we visit are underrated and undisturbed forests away from tourism. We always have small group events with a strong focus on exploring and understanding the forest than disturbing and partying in it. The groups are exclusive and all safety precautions are taken

along with local guide, first-aid and on field experts.

Check out some amazing photos of the location below.



  • Location: Barvi Dam (Murbad)

  • Duration: Evening 7:00 pm to morning 8:00 am

  • Date: 18th and 19th march 

  • Theme: Wildlife, adventure ,camping and birding


  • Travel from Badlapur to Barvi hills (The Team will assist your travel from your location to badlapur)

  • Stay: Tents Two to Four people per Tent.

  • Food:

    • Evening Snacks

    • Maggi will be cooked on site.​

    • Breakfast will be provided

  • Equipment and guidance to cook food will be provided by The Nature's Eye.

  • Jungle Trails and expertise: Night herping and morning birding trails in the forest.

  • Washroom facility will be available at the start and end of the trail.

Things to carry

  • Compulsory

    • Torch (with spare batteries)

    • Proper footwear

    • ID proof (Aadhaar, driving license etc.)

    • Bag

    • Hand sanitizers

    • Proper Shoes

  • Optional

    • Snacks

    • Power bank

    • Tissue papers


  • Solo Traveler: ₹1196/- per head

  • 2 people or more: ₹998/- per head

  • 4 people or more: ₹798/- per head

Booking amount: ₹500/-

Rules and disclaimer

  • The washroom facility will be available at the start and end of the trail.

  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, drugs, and narcotics is strictly prohibited.

  • We will provide basic first aid and maintain safety precautions so please follow the guide's instructions.

  • Each member is responsible for their own safety and baggage.

  • Please do not wear any jewelry or gold ornaments.

  • Respect Forest Guides and Naturalists and follow their instructions.

  • Making a loud noise and playing music in the forest is not allowed since it disturbs the forest.

  • Do not try to touch or feed wild animals.

  • Do not litter, we will provide a dustbin for chocolate wrappers, plastic covers, paper and other waste.

  • We strongly believe in saying - Wherever we go, leave only footprints and take back only memories.

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