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Biostatistics is the application of statistics in the field of biology. Biostatistics can be used for various scientific research. It helps in designing a potential experiment, analyzing and making sense of the data, and providing tools to ascertain the initial hypotheses. 

Join us in this workshop if you are a beginner and want to familiarize yourself with the concepts of biostatistics.

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Dr. Ashutosh Joshi

About the Teacher

  • Dr. Ashutosh S. Joshi has nine-plus years of teaching experience as “Assistant Professor” for two postgraduate courses:

    • Environmental Science

    • Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation and Management.

  • He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Science from the University of Mumbai. He has also worked as an Executive Advisory to the Wildlife research division, Vivek Policy Advocacy Research Centre, Mumbai,

  • He has experience as a Field Biologist on a research project on Elephant Ecology.

  • He has four research papers in national, and international journals and proceedings.

  • He is currently teaching in SIES college as visiting faculty

  • Day 1 - Concept and choice of sampling method.

  • Day 2 - Types of statistical data

  • Day 3 - Measures of central tendencies and dispersion.

  • Day 4 - Testing hypothesis by common parametric and non-parametric tests

Event Details

  • Date: 18th-21st April 2024 

  • Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

  • Mode: Online

  • Platform: Zoom

Session recordings will be provided to all participants.

E-certificates will be provided on completion of assignments.

Fees Discount:

  • Registration fee: Rs. 999/-

  • First early bird (till 24 February 2024): Rs. 777/-

  • Second early bird (till 31 March 2024): Rs. 888/-

  • Group discount (minimum 3): Rs. 666/-

Discounts  payment instructions below:

If you fall in the discount category (Group discounts/Present/Ex-Interns) you can directly pay the discounted amount to the bank account below.

Group discount amounts must be paid together and not individually,

Bank details:

  • Account type -current

  • Account name- Wildlifearc

  • AC no- 3346750332

  • IFSC- KKBK0002040

  • UPI ID- Wildlifearc@kotak

After the payment please send a screenshot or the payment along with the name, email addresses and phone numbers of the participants via WhatsApp to Ms. Amrita Tripathy at 9041507489.

For further details, contact:

WhatsApp: +91 9006820648


All participants will be presented with exclusive E-Certificates, celebrating their participation and dedication in this enriching event.

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