In today’s competitive and fast-paced world having technical skills is a vital necessity. Added to that the need for quick statistical analysis to help further our research and thus save valuable time in our efforts to save the environment is always an advantage.

R programming language happens to be one of the preferred languages used in statistical modelling. It helps you present your data in a clear, concise and dynamic manner. Thus, a deep working knowledge of R can not only help you in your research in the fields of biology, environment, bioinformatics etc but can also enhance your career.

THE NATURE' S EYE gives you a golden opportunity to upskill and expand your capabilities through a 3-day workshop on R programming.


Workshop schedule:

Day 1 (July 15)

  • Introduction to R (Programming and Software)

  • Rstudio and R environments

  • Help within R (help and read help)

  • Data type and class

  • Operators

  • Conditional statements

  • Loops

  • Functions 

Day 2 (July 16)

  •  Data importing from a computer or by URL

  • Data wrangling

  • Common types of plots

  • Data exploration

  • Descriptive statistics in R

  • Hands-on exercise


Day 3 (July 17)

  • Hands-on exercise using data

  • Data exploration

  • Linear model

  • Generalized linear model

  • Plotting the results and discussing the results

About the resource person:

Mr CHANDAN KUMAR PANDEY, Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS)

Mr Chandan Kumar Pandey is a Research Assistant, Analysis and Programming, Centre for Wildlife Studies (CWS). He worked as Research Associate at Adavi Trust and as a Research Assistant at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, the Indian Institute of Sciences. He has a Master’s degree (M.Sc. in biology) from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and a Bachelor’s degree from Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engg., MYSORE.

He uses various Bayesian statistics and MCMC chains to calculate tiger density and is responsible for networking relational database management systems at CWS. He is an expert in both python and R and had worked as an ecosystem ecologist and biotechnology engineer.


You will get:

  1. To learn the basics of R till Advanced parts.

  2. To learn how to produce static graphics.

  3. To learn how to perform simple and complex mathematical and statistical calculations on data objects of a wide variety.

  4. To learn report generation.

  5. To learn data management and visual representation.

  6. An e certificate on completion of the workshop.

  7. Study material.

  8. Q & A session for all your queries.


Workshop details:

  • Date: 15 July 2022 to 17 July 2022

  • Time: 6 pm to 7:30 pm

  • Venue: Zoom Meeting

  • Registration fees: Rs 750/-

  • Early bird discount: Rs 600/- till 25th June; Rs 650/- till 2nd July & Rs 700/- till 9th July


If you have any queries contact:

Rahi Sarkar:


If you wish to book later but register for the event now, you can set a reminder. Click here to set a reminder for free.