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Pair of Bulbuls



Bird, (class Aves), has more than 10,400 living species, the major characteristic that distinguishes them from all other animals.

The structure and inherent lightness of their feathers give birds the ability to fly, but birds and their feathers also come in a remarkable variety of colours and forms. Yet there's more about birds that fascinate us than their appearance: their behaviour, their intelligence, their songs.

The most exciting thing is we don't know the common birds around us. To get deeper into this section we The Nature's Eye present the first-ever session on Birds, “BIRDS AROUND US” for our young learners who want to know about the basics of birds and more about them.


About the speaker:

Aman Somya Bishwas from the Core Team of The Nature’s Eye powered by Wildlifearc is a young and budding Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist, and Wildlife Filmmaker. He has a particular interest towards Ornithology and Bird Identification. During the lockdown, he documented 58 species of birds in his locality, first in his city, Saugor in Madhya Pradesh.

Aman is a member of Indian Mission Snake Bite Death Free India. He was a WWF India Volunteer for Vulture Census 2021 and 2022. He has been a Paryavaran Prahari since 2019. He has More than 2+ years of field experience in the forests of Central India. He has worked with Madhya Pradesh Forest Department for conservation and research works.

He has been invited as a speaker for various seminars related to wildlife conservation & human-wildlife interactions. He has also won multiple awards in the field of wildlife photography. His videos have been featured by NCERT as well.


Topics to be discussed:

  • Basic Introduction

  • Terminology

  • Criteria for Naming and Identification

  • Bird Diversity

  • How do areas affect the Bird Population?

  • Identification of different Bird Species


Who can join?

  • Young learners

  • School students

  • Nature lovers

  • Bird watchers


Details of the workshop:

  • Date: 27th November 2022 (Sunday)

  • Time: 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm (IST)

  • Mode: Online

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Participation fee: INR 199/-

  • E- certificates will be provided to all the participants

  • For further queries contact:


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