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2-Day Course in collaboration with Serendipity Wildlife Foundation’s Cheetah Project

With the introduction of cheetahs to India we expect a number of opportunities available available in the near future. Learning about them could would definitely give students and upperhand when pursuing these roles.  Cheetahs are renowned for being the world’s fastest land mammal, but there’s more that’s fascinating about these speedy predators. Cheetahs are built for speed, sprinting at up to 70 mph in pursuit of their prey, but some of their niche adaptations also pose unique challenges for their survival—these cats are the only surviving species of their genus. Once found in large numbers across Africa, cheetahs have gone functionally extinct in much of their historic range, with just several thousand left in the wild. The continent’s remaining cheetahs are separated into geographically distinct subpopulations, linked only occasionally linked through dispersal — and the result is a lack of genetic diversity that has hindered their population growth.

We at The Nature's Eye provide you with this 2-Day course, where you can get a more complete picture of these athletic cats, including their evolution, life history, distribution, behaviors, and more. You will gain a better understanding of the many unique traits these skilled hunters possess, along with some of the current threats they face. Join us to get inspired and equipped to contribute to cheetah conservation.

With the introduction of cheetahs to India, there is no better time to learn about this predator, to get the edge over others for employment and education.

Learning outcomes:

  • A brief discussion on Cheetah introduction in India

  • Experience in the wild and interesting stories

  • Anti- Poaching and trafficking

  • Introduction to Cheetah behavioral studies

  • Live test to qualify for the certificate of Cheetah Identification presented by Serendipity Wildlife Foundation


About the teacher: Mr. Ravi Perera

Is the Manager of the Cheetah Project in Kenya, and the CEO of Serendipity Wildlife Foundation which is based in the US and operating in Africa and South Asia. He is a consultant for wildlife crime scene investigation and wildlife field operations training.  Mr. Perera has more than 25 years of experience in law enforcement, crime scene investigation, surveillance, and electronic forensic analysis. 


Ms. Khushboo Singla,

Project Administrator of Serendipity Wildlife Foundation will be available to answer questions on the Cheetah Project and her experience working and documenting cheetah behaviour in the wild.

Details of the event:

  • Day 1: 18th March 2023 at 6:30 pm

  • Day 2: 19th March 2023 at 11:00 am

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Mode: Online

  • Fee: 899/-

  • First discount: 549/- (till 5th March 2023)

  • Second discount: 749/- (till 12th March 2023)

  • Special discount for the ones who participate in the Quiz competition and obtain a position.  (Do check your mail for updates if you have participated in the Quiz)

  • E-certificate for participation will be provided to all.



  • A special certificate for qualification in “Cheetah Identification” will be provided after a Live test.

  • Receive a Fact-sheet on Cheetah and its Identification (A useful skill for anyone working in cheetah ecology)

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