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Content Creator

Get Paid To Write for Us 


  • Blog Length: 200 - 400 words

  • Payment Per blog:  ₹500/-

  • Additional: ₹100/- per 1000 views (for the first two weeks)

  • Topics must be relevant to the given theme mentioned below

  • Blogs selection will be based on:

    • Writing skills

    • Audience Engagement Potential

    • Audience Reach Potential

  • Payment for the authors will be done at the end of the month

  • Authors of blogs whose performance is consistently good will be offered a higher payment as well as a  continued relationship

(Tip: Research blog SEO and reach tips before preparing and sending your article)


  • Stick to the given theme

  • All content must have a credible source

  • Political and religious content is not allowed

Theme: Herpetofauna of the Western Ghats

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