Become a partner

Become a partner is a program started by The Natures Eye to create opportunities for young environmentalists. Despite being an extremely important field of science it is often underfunded and may not appear as a very appealing career choice with respect to financing. This program is designed to help environmentalists in the initial stages of their careers. This program allows them to earn something for themselves as well as gain experience. This initiative is purely based on mutualism both The Nature's Eye and the partner are supposed to benefit from the arrangement.

We at The Nature's Eye are looking forward to working with young and dynamic individuals who are willing to work hard and smart with the team and help grow together.

Working at Home


We are looking for 20 individuals to join our team. The major duty of a partner is to get participants for events like webinars, courses, contests, workshops, and trails organized by The Nature's Eye. 10% of every registration brought by a partner will be paid to them at the end of the event.  20 partners would be selected for the program and the best performing and individuals will be selected as permanent members of the team and would receive additional benefits.



  • Partners can earn through the program based on their performance.

  • Partners with good performance will be given access to various events from Nature’s Eye for free.

  • The partners selected will be provided with certificates for their work.

  • Partners will be given preference for long-term and official paid positions in The Nature’s Eye.

  • Older and performing participants may get selected to work with us in full-time paid positions.