"We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture, with any but sustainable souls."

Are you somebody who's concerned about the waste that people create? Are you somebody seeking to find innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle wastes? Are you somebody who wants to do something about the waste but does not know where to start?

To help you find a way, The Nature's Eye brings you a workshop on "Journey from Trash to Treasure", to help you meet like-minded people to get inspired from, and discuss ideas about how waste can be turned into a treasure, no matter how small, because as they say, "Be a part of the solution, not the Pollution".

Let's learn together how people and organizations are using waste and raising awareness towards sustainability. Let's get inspired together to use up the waste to create something new, and learn how and where to start at our individual levels. Let's find ways for us to volunteer for a sustainable future.


In our 2-days workshop, we offer:

  • Interaction with companies working for the same cause

  • Learning how people have started sustainability models and guide you about how you too can start

  • Future opportunities for working in this field

  • Learn from people's experiences and have healthy discussions

And who knows, you might be the next one being the talk of the town for your innovations with waste.


About the Speakers:

Day 1:

Mr Vasuki Iyengar:  A waste management consultant, founder of Soil and Health solutions- a social enterprise since 2016 and member of the solid waste management round table. He has more than 8 years of experience in Biodegradable waste management and also serves as a trustee at the Waste Impact Trust, which hosts the Reimagine Waste Hackathon at the Indian Institute of Science. He continues to work as the HR Director at IProcess Data Systems, a software firm that develops safety applications for the oil and gas industry.

Soil and Health Solutions has created a variety of cost-effective composting solutions and conducted hundreds of waste management awareness events. 5000+ families were trained to compost at home, and composting solutions were offered across Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.


Day 2: 1st Speaker

Company Gigantiques - Upcycled living spaces by Mr Pradip Jadhav: Mr Pradip Jadhav, the founder and CEO of Gigantiques Decor Pvt ltd in Pune, Maharashtra, has been in operation since 2018. Gigantiques upcycled furniture is stylish, functional and durable and it brightens and charms our homes.

They are in the business of developing innovations that help people. All of their furniture and decor are repurposed from discarded and recyclable objects and materials to create beautiful and functional furniture. Vehicles, barrels and tyres can all be utilized as raw materials for making furniture. They are dedicated to the conservation of our planet.

Day 2: 2nd Speaker

HastKaagaz by Ms Surbhi Rathi: Ms Surbhi Rathi, the founder of HastKaagaz, is a sustainable artist, hand papermaker and designer. Her love for nature has inspired many of her ideas and revelations, one of which is HastKaagaz, a venture that manufactures and sells tree-less paper. She makes the paper entirely by hand using age-old remarkable and memorable skills that people may carry with them and use to become a part of a sustainable journey. She wants her work to be sustainable, ethical and different and also uses diverse by-products and textile waste such as hemp, coffee husk, banana fibre, and pineapple leaves to make products like diaries, lamps, wedding cards, handwritten messages and more.


Details of the Workshop:

  • Early bird discount: INR Rs 375 (till 25th May)

  • Registration fee: INR Rs 500

  • Date: 18 & 19 June 2022

  • Time: 5 pm to 7 pm IST

  • Resource person:

Day 1: Mr Vasuki Iyengar

Day 2: Gigantiques - Upcycled living spaces by Mr Pradip Jadhav and HastKaagaz by Ms Surbhi Rathi

  • Venue: Zoom

  • E-certificates will be provided to all the participants

  • For enquiries contact: yash.rahul12@gmail.com/+917558669549