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Workshop on Arc GIS

ArcGIS is a desktop mapping and spatial data analysis application produced by ESRI (formerly, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.).  It allows you to create your own maps from scratch starting with geographic data in electronic form and to analyse data that has a locational component. There are also a number of extension applications for specialized analysis. ArcGIS Engine provides application programming interfaces (APIs) for COM, .NET, Java, and C++ for the Windows, Linux, and Solaris platforms. The APIs include documentation and a series of high-level visual components to ease building ArcGIS applications.

ArcGIS is built around a geodatabase, which uses an object–relational database approach for storing spatial data. A geodatabase is a “container” for holding datasets, tying together the spatial features with attributes.

Well after reading this I think you are excited to learn more about the future of mapping. So here comes The Nature’s Eye with an exciting three days workshop on the ArcGIS where you can get to learn more about the function and working of this great software.


About the speaker:

Mr. Vikas Dnyaneshwar Ghadamode is a motivated and highly Competent Geo-Scientist, specializing in spatial data management and analysis, geodatabase management and maintenance, remote sensing and GIS. His expertise include creating high quality cartographic products, satellite image processing and analysis, Model builder and python, project management, academic research and report writing. Currently he is working as an Assistant Professor in the Geotech GIS Training Institute, Aurangabad.


Day 1:

  • Basics of GIS and Remote sensing and its application in different fields

  • Raster and Vector concepts

  •  Introduction to ArcGIS Software

  •  Introduction to google earth pro

  •  Georeferenced and different types of Projection

  • Hands on exercise for day-1

  •  Question and Answers session

Day 2

  • Creation of point, Line and polygon shape file in ArcGIS

  •  Digitization

  • How to access open source satellite images for any part of the world

  • Downloading DEM & Landsat Imagery dataset

  • Band combination, Visualization and image interpretation of satellite image

  • Hands on exercise for day-2

  • Question and Answers session

Day 3:

  • Preparation of Elevation, Contour and Slope map and Watershed Map using DEM data

  • Creation of Map Layout

  • Hands on exercise for day-3

  •  Question and Answers session

Details of the workshop:

  • Date: 24th to 26th March 2023(3 days)

  • Time:7:00 to 8:30 PM

  • Mode: Online

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Participation fee details:

  1. Registration fee:INR1699

  2. Early bird offer: INR999 (Till 28th February 2023)

  3. Second early bird discounts:INR1399 (Till 1st March -15th March 2023)

  • Group discounts: INR1299 (Starting from 1st March)

  • E certificates will be provided to all the participants.

  • For any queries:

  • Mail:

  • Call/WhatsApp:+918493920044

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