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None of us witnessed the Jurassic Era & we may never experience Dinosaurs Ruling the World again. But have you ever noticed, and if at you can recollect, the tall tress in the movie and some of the experts walking under the green & large canopies of that paleontological world.

Well, not that tall & wide but relatively large trees have survived in our own Mumbai and with love we call it the hill station of Matheran, a home to the Giant Squirrels.
Yes, nestled at the height of 800 mtrs MSL is a rich, pristine and evergreen forest of Matheran, famous as hill station but also a ground to rich biodiversity of flora & fauna.
We , at The Nature’s Eye, invite you to come and explore this large canopy forest, hear the whistling call of birds, see colorful flora and witness the beautiful landscape that resembles similar to that of Western Ghats.


Date: Sunday, 23rd July 2023

Cost : Rs 755 /- per head that includes transportation & snacks on the field.


Assemble at Neral Station 07.30 AM
Have sumptuous breakfast till 08.00 AM

Reach Matheran hill station by 09.00AM
Cover the forest for next 4 Hours till 01.00PM

Fill your stomach at local dhaba famous for its delicacy and head back to your homes by 02.00PM

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