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Course on Moth Ecology and Research

Moths, often overshadowed by their butterfly counterparts, are fascinating creatures that play a vital role in ecosystems worldwide. Despite their nocturnal nature, moths are increasingly in the spotlight due to their diverse colors, intricate patterns, and unique adaptations. These winged insects are essential pollinators, crucial to the balance of many ecosystems. From their varied sizes and shapes to their remarkable ability to navigate in the dark using celestial cues, moths hold a mysterious allure. Exploring their nocturnal activities and their significance in nature reveals a captivating world often overlooked in favor of their more flamboyant butterfly relatives. This Moth Identification Event promises to be an illuminating experience for all. Let's unravel the mysteries of the night, one moth at a time!

About Speaker

Mr. S. Thalavaipandi

Mr. S. Thalavaipandi, a Research Associate at ATREE’s Agasthyamalai Community Conservation Centre, holds a chemistry master's but actively pursues his lifelong passion for flora and fauna. Proficient in biodiversity documentation and wildlife equipment handling, he shares his wildlife experiences through self-made publications, particularly on butterflies and moths. Recently, he released a pocket guide highlighting Tamil Nadu's common moths, aiming to raise awareness about their significance. Having documented over 1,000 moth species, including a rediscovery after 127 years, he conducts surveys in various reserves. He spearheads ATREE’s Moth Watch, promoting citizen engagement for moth conservation. In his spare moments, he writes blogs and articles spotlighting local biodiversity discoveries.


1. Moth Basics

  •   Introduction to moths and their significance

  •   Moth anatomy and life cycle

2. Field Techniques

  • How to collect and observe moths

  • Setting up moth traps


  • Dates: 24/11/2023 to 25/11/2023

  • Time: 6.00 PM TO 8.00 PM

  • Course Duration: 2 Days

  • Platform: Zoom

Course fee and Discounts

  • Course fees:  399/-

  • First early bird -319 /- (Till 13 November)    

  • Second early bird - 359/- (Till 19 November)

  • Group Discount (Min. 3 individuals):  299/-

  • Group Discount (Min 2 individuals): 359/-

  • Organization Discount (Min. 5 individuals): 279/-

  • Present Interns: 199/-

  • Ex Interns:  319/-
    To avail discount follow the instructions below

Discounts  payment instructions below:

If you fall in the discount category (Group discounts/Present/Ex-Interns) you can directly pay the discounted amount to the bank account below.

Group discount amounts must be paid together and not individually,

Bank details:

  • Account type -current

  • Account name- Wildlifearc

  • AC no- 3346750332

  • IFSC- KKBK0002040

  • UPI ID- Wildlifearc@kotak

After the payment please send a screenshot or the payment along with the name, email addresses and phone numbers of the participants via WhatsApp to Ms. Amrita Tripathy at 9041507489.


For Any Query Contact

E-mail ID- : nishtha.thenature'

What’s app Number-:  +91 8876271401

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