9 Animals that are larger than you think.

Photos can often be deceiving, and most times you don’t really know something unless you actually see it and although wildlife photography does bring us all closer to the wonders of nature, it may be hard to guess the size of the animals unless we have a reference point.

And thanks to our ever increasing urban life we rarely get the chance to encounter these massive beasts.

So to help get an idea we have a list of animals that are larger than you think with a human height reference. The list keeps getting bizarre to make sure you stick around for the end.

1) Maned Wolf.

The maned wolf looks like it is a cross between a wolf a fox and a deer but is actually none of those. It is the tallest cannid and its closest relative is the bush dog which definitely is bizarre if you consider the short appearance of the bush dog.

2) Leatherback Sea turtle.

Sea turtles themselves are huge and the leatherback is the largest species of sea turtle. Sadly the population if the leatherback turtle has been on a decline for a while now. despite their massive size they are no match for the modern fishing gear and are often caught along with fishing bycatch.

3) Wandering Albatross

When we think of huge birds we may think of an ostrich or even an eagle but the wandering albatross rarely talked about. With a whopping 11 feet wingspan, the albatross is unimaginably large.

This is an adaptation for their extraordinary lives of flying over the oceans and hunting for fish as they can spend years without returning to land.