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Python is a general-purpose, high-level, remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles.

The objective of this workshop is to cover the core Python language and the standard libraries in detail. This course will cover various skills including text manipulation, modular programming, working with and retrieving data, interacting with files on your computer. The goal is to get participants up and running with Python in as short a time as possible



Dr. Hina Bansal is an Assistant Professor in Amity Institute of Biotechnology. Upon completing her bachelor's with Botany from RG college, Meerut. Dr. Hina then went on to pursue her master’s degree in Bioinformatics from C.C.S University Campus, Meerut. She further completed her doctorate in Bioinformatics from the same institute, gaining a good grip in the area.

Dr. Hina has also formerly worked as a lecturer in number of institutes as- Dept of Biosciences, Institute of Management studies, Gaziabad Dept of Biotechnology, IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Greater Noida Sikkim Manipal University Centre, New Delhi.


Course Outline:

1. History and Introduction

2. Installation and running Python.

3. Variables and data types

4. Decision making and control structures.

5. Functions and Parameters

6. Working with Files

7. Modules

8. Exception handling

9. Plotting graphs with python

10. Applications


Date- 19th - 21st October 2023

Time- 7-9pm

Duration - 3 Days

Platform- zoom

Participation fee details:*

Registration Fee-INR 999/-

1. 1st Early Bird- INR 799/- ( till 01st October )

2. 2nd Early Bird- INR 899/-(till 09th October)

3. Group Discount (min 3 indv) - INR 750/-

(If 2 indv)- INR 899/-

4. Organisation discount (min 5 indv)- INR 699/-

5. Present Interns- INR 499/-

6. Ex interns- INR 699 /-

UPI ID- Wildlifearc@kotak

FOR GROUP DISCOUNTS KINDLY PAY THE *ALL TOGETHER DISCOUNTED AMOUNT* TO OUR UPI ID (like 3 members & the discounted amount is 99/- kindly pay ₹298 together & not separately) ALSO AFTER PAYMENT SEND(whatsApp) SCREENSHOT OF THE PAYMENT ALONG WITH NAME, EMAIL ID & PHONE NUMBER OF *ALL THE PARTICIPANTS* TO Ms. Amrita Tripathy at 9041507489

For any queries:


Call/ WhatsApp: +91 90415 07489

E- certificates will be provided to all the participants.

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