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WildInno Quest : Fuel Your IQ and Ignite The Conservation Sparks !

Are you all set to dive into the profound fusion of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and the intricate world of wildlife conservation? Then, get engaged with our AI for Wildlife Conservation Quiz Contest, where each quiz question unravels the role of AI in identifying poachers, real-time species tracking, habitat monitoring, and more, thus proving innovation as a reliable guardian for our planet's heritage. Participate and stand a chance to win a delightful and enigmatic prize. Follow us on Instagram, and stay tuned every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for intriguing AI and conservation questions. Engage, learn, and contribute to a future where AI plays a vital role in protecting our planet's incredible biodiversity. It's not just about participation; it's about becoming a part of a movement that transforms knowledge into action!

  • Unlock the hidden playbook of how technology becomes the guardian of our natural wonders. 

  • Become a Conservation Champion, actively shaping a future where your contribution matters. 

  • Seize the chance to Win! an Epic Prize! that adds a touch of excitement to your journey.

  • Elevate your expertise, by immersing yourself in an adventure that Enhances Your Knowledge.


  • Follow us on Instagram ( @the.natureseye )

  • Keep an eagle eye on our Instagram story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  •  Comment your answer below the question on our Instagram story.


Quiz Duration: 17th November to 4th December

Question Days : Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Unlock Your Exclusive Benefits!

With Our Extraordinary Initiatives!


Answer each of the 7 questions correctly and unlock exclusive discounts for any of our future events:


  •  1 Correct Answer: 11% Discount

  •  2 Correct Answers: 12% Discount

  •  7 Correct Answers: 17% Discount 🚀


**Conditions Apply:** The discount can be used only once within a year.

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