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Detailed Course in R - Programming

Whether you're just starting out or already a seasoned programmer, this course equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to become proficient in the R programming language.

  • Expert instructor

  • Hands-on learning

  • Comprehensive curriculum

  • Supportive learning environment

  • Practical projects

  • Lifetime recording access

About the Teacher

Mr. Dibyaranjan Parida

Mr. Dibyaranjan Parida, M.Sc and M.Tech in Geoinformatics, currently working as a Research Associate funded by NRSC ISRO. He is an experienced professional with expertise in Python, R programming, and Geo AI.

Day 1: Introduction to R and RStudio

  • Overview of R and its applications

  • Installing R and RStudio

  • RStudio interface and basic operations

  • Writing and executing simple R commands

Day 2: Data Types and Variables

  • Introduction to data types (numeric, character, logical)

  • Creating and manipulating variables

  • Basic arithmetic operations

  • Understanding vectors and factors

Day 3: Data Structures in R

  • Introduction to data structures (vectors, matrices, data frames, lists)

  • Working with different data types within data structures

  • Indexing and subsetting data structures

Day 4: Control Structures

  • Understanding if statements

  • Introduction to loops (for and while)

  • Applying control structures to solve problems

Day 5: Functions in R

  • Writing and using functions

  • Function arguments and return values

  • Scope of variables

  • Built-in functions in R

Day 6: Data Manipulation with dplyr

  • Introduction to the dplyr package

  • Basic data manipulation tasks (filtering, arranging, selecting, summarizing)

  • Chaining operations with the pipe operator (%>%)

Day 7: Data Visualization with ggplot2

  • Introduction to the ggplot2 package

  • Creating basic plots (scatter plots, bar charts, histograms)

  • Customizing plots and adding aesthetics

  • Saving and exporting plots


  • Time : 07:30 PM (IST) Onwards

  • Course duration : Two weeks

  • Basic Level :  16th Feb 2024 to 24th Feb 2024

  • Intermediate Level :26th Feb 2024 to 29th Feb 2024

  • Advanced Level : 1st to 5th Mar 2024

  • Platform : Zoom

Course fee and Discounts:

Basic Level : 2000/-

Intermediate Level : 2500/-

Advanced Level : 3000/-

Complete Course: 4500/- 

Discounts  :

2nd Early Bird :  4050/- ( Till 30 Jan 2024)

Group Discount : (Kindly read the instructions for the group discount)

3375/- Per Person

Organization Discount : 3150/- Per Person ( Min 5 people.)

Present TNE Interns : 2250/-

Ex. TNE Interns : 3600/-

Group discount amounts must be paid together and not individually,

Bank details mentioned below

Account type current

Account name- Wildlifearc 

AC no- 3346750332

IFSC- KKBK0002040

UPI ID- Wildlifearc@kotak

After the payment please send a screenshot of the payment confirmation along with the name, email addresses and phone numbers of the participants via WhatsApp to Ms. Amrita Tripathy at 9041507489

E-certificate will be provided to all the participants.

Contact us to know more.

WhatsApp - +91 8493920044


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