Global Restoration now has an online meeting point. With all of the environmental problems in the world, there are solutions to them as well.

Nature is being lost on large scale — 75% of natural land has been severely damaged by human activity Restoring ecosystems around the world has the potential to draw down about 30% of accumulated global carbon emissions and is key to limiting the worst effects of climate change. But where do we start and how?

Here is how Restor-Google technology helps unlock ecological insights. Restor helps anyone be a part of ecological restoration!

Restor is a map-based, open-source platform created so that people can plan, manage and monitor restoration projects.

The mission is to support and accelerate the restoration of the earth’s ecosystems for biodiversity, climate, and people. We are doing this by bringing together every actor involved in nature restoration on a single digital platform. Known as the “Google Map for restoration”- where anyone, anywhere will be able to see and engage with the global restoration movement, watch how landscapes change over time and learn about the ecology of any terrestrial location. And the platform is completely FREE!

At the moment, 121,000 restoration sites are registered on Restor and still counting.

Join us and learn how we can work together to expand the global restoration movement.


  • Analyse your restoration potential for free

  • Get insights on local biodiversity, potential soil carbon, land cover pattern, soil pH etc.

  • Monitor all restoration projects in one place

  • Gain visibility/ expand the network and a lot more

  • How Restor is breaking into restoration?

  • Learn how to get started with the Restor platform


About the speakers:

Ms Hema Bhatt is an Environmentalist from India. For the past year, she has held the role of South Asia local lead at Restor Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland. Her major focus area is connecting the incredible Restoration and conservation work in India.

Ms Apurv Chhavi is a Botanist and is currently working as a researcher in the field of Palaeobotany. She has experience of working as a Project associate at CSIR-NBRI, currently holding the role of South Asian local lead at Restor Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland.

Target audience:

  • Restoration practitioners in India

  • Ecosystem under conservation (wildlife, waterbody, etc)

  • Organizations/ Startups/Farmers

  • Students (if interested)

Details of the webinar:

  • Date: 09 July 2022

  • Time: 5:00 pm onwards

  • Duration: 1 Hour

  • Speakers:

Hema Bhatt- hema@southasia.restor.eco

Apurv Chhavi- apurv@southasia.restor.eco