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5 Day Course On Research Paper Writing

Whether you are a student endeavoring to finalize a dissertation for your final year project, a PhD scholar aspiring to publish research papers in esteemed Scientific Journals, or an enthusiast eager to grasp the nuances of research writing, this course is meticulously tailored to cater to your specific needs. The purpose of scientific research writing transcends mere documentation; it is a means to effectively convey and share findings with fellow researchers, students, and the general public. Research papers find their home in academic journals and are showcased at conferences. Effective communication through scientific research work is of paramount importance. Throughout this course, participants will acquire the skills to compose impactful research papers, gaining a comprehensive understanding of each constituent element of a research paper. The significance of crafting a Research Proposal for every research endeavor will be elucidated, alongside guidance on its construction. These aspects will be thoroughly addressed during this intensive five-day course. The critical role of citations, a cornerstone of research papers, will be explored in depth, with instruction on various citation tools. The course also encompasses the post-writing phase, guiding participants through the process of publication. Notably, our instructional team features Dr. Minakshi Mam, an esteemed authority with a portfolio of over 30 significant research publications as well as an editor of 3 Scientific Journals. To embark on this enlightening journey of acquiring these vital concepts, we encourage you to enroll today and take a substantial, well-structured step towards becoming a researcher. Your participation is heartily welcomed as we extend an invitation to join us in this transformative experience.



Dr. Minakshi is currently holding the position of Assistant Professor of Zoology at D. G. Ruparel College, affiliated with the University of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She possesses over two decades of academic quality teaching expertise, spanning both undergraduate courses, where her experience exceeds 20 years, and postgraduate courses, where she holds more than a decade of experience. She has contributed her expertise as a member of the Advisory Committee and the Organizing Committee for the Zonal and Maharashtra State Inter-University Avikshar Research Convention, a prestigious event hosted by the University of Mumbai. Moreover, she took on various responsibilities, including being a District Coordinator, Convener, and OSD for this significant research convention. She had played a dynamic role as a Syllabus Committee Member, contributing to the development of Zoology course syllabi at the University of Mumbai, specifically for F.Y.B.Sc. (2014-15), S.Y.B.Sc. (2017- 18), and M.Sc. Part I (2019-20) levels. She is the President of the International Board for Education, Research, and Development (IBERD), since 2019. Her extensive experience in scientific research writing is evident through her editorial roles in distinguished scientific journals, such as the Journal of Environment and Waste Management, The Agricultural Science Research Journal, and the G-Journal. Furthermore, she has a significant number of research papers under her name.

Spectacular Achievements:

1. ‘Best Teacher Award’ by Shri. Ramsheth Thakur Samajik Vikas Mandal, Panvel (2010-11)

2. ‘Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award’ by Citizen Integration Peace Society, New Delhi (2011-12)

3. ‘Fellow’ Award by Global society for Basic and Applied Research (2016-17)

4. Gold Medal for ‘Best Poster Presentation’ at XIII Triennial National Indian Women Science Congress on ‘Sustainable Development in India: Role of Science and Technology’ (2016-17)

5. ‘Stree Shaktee Sanmaan’ by LIC, Mumbai (2019-20)

6. Awarded for ‘Innovation in Teaching and Learning and Introducing Novel Methods of Teaching’ by National Academy for Management Education, Dubai, UAE (2019-20)



Day 1 : Writing a Research Paper

Day 2 : Writing a Research Proposal

Day 3 : Citation and Citation Tools

Day 4 : Ethics in Research Writing

Day 5 : Publication Process


Guest Speaker : Dr. Minakshi N. Gurav

Dates : October 22 to October 26, 2023.

Time : 06:00 PM (IST) Onwards

Course Duration : 5 Days

Course Fee : 799/-

Platform : Zoom

UPI ID : wildlifearc@kotak

First Early Bird : 549/- (Till, September 30, 2023)

Second Early Bird : 649/- (Till, October 10, 2023)

Group Discount : 499/- Per Individual (Min 3 Indv.)

FOR GROUP DISCOUNTS KINDLY PAY THE ALL TOGETHER DISCOUNTED AMOUNT TO OUR UPI ID (like for 3 members, kindly pay 499+499+499=1497/- together & not separately) ALSO, AFTER PAYMENT SEND (WhatsApp) SCREENSHOT OF THE PAYMENT ALONG WITH NAME, EMAIL ID & PHONE NUMBER OF ALL THE PARTICIPANTS TO Ms. Amrita Tripathy at (9041507489) Organization Discount : 449/- Per Individual (Min 5 Indv.)

Present Interns : 399/-

Ex. Interns : 499/-


Mail ID :

WhatsApp Number : 9881217294

E-CERTIFICATES will be provided for all the participants who will enrolled for this 5 Days Course

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