"Have you ever studied a snake's face? - how optimistic they look. They have an eternal smile."

- Tasha Tudor



Snakes are among nature’s most misunderstood yet weirdly attractive creations. There is a long tail of incorrect beliefs and misconceptions about these creatures that have become a threat to their survival. Societal beliefs with layers of half-observed incidents have played a significant role in spreading misinformation about snakes, which has resulted in a threat to their lives over time, also becoming a threat to humans who interact with them during snakebites or living in such snakebite prone regions.

Snakes, which have limbless bodies, scaly skin, lidless eyes, and a forked tongue, are an important part of the ecosystem and our culture.  They have no legs, no puppy faces, and no fluffy fur, yet they are somehow attractive to many people, including those who are scared of them.

The Nature's Eye has created a webinar series on the Basic Taxonomy of Snakes that will be handled by Mr Vivek Sharma for all the kids, wildlife enthusiasts, prospective environmentalists, and educators out there.

About Vivek Sharma:

Vivek Sharma, a biologist specialising in snakes in India, is conducting snake research and education throughout the country. He has been working in this field for more than 13 years through various mobile apps and websites like Sarpa and Serpent. As a CSR activity of a Kerala-based start-up, he has recently formed his own platform, SnakeHub, a mobile app, which has all the A-Z information you need to know about snakes. He is also interested in developing educational platforms for various animals and bringing solutions to the environmental education field, so he has also been working as a consultant and resource person for various NGOs and startups.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Day-1 (10th May 2022): Important literature distribution (in advance), basic introduction about morphology, and morphological taxonomy of snakes

  • Day-2 (11th May 2022): Continuation of morphological taxonomy of snakes, problem-solving (Q &A).



  • Date: 10th-11th May 2022

  • Time:  6:30 pm onwards

  • Registration fees: ₹ 650 (550 till 30th April)

  • E-certificates to all the participants

  • Mode: Online

  • Venue: Zoom Platform


Incase of any queries, contact:

Ms.Pratha Mishra - +91-9770043702, prathamishra24@gmail.com

Ms. Spriha Yadav - +91-9120701703, sprihayadav11@gmail.com

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