The  Nature's Eye Sponsorship Program

The Nature's Eye Sponsorship program is designed to help environmentalists active on social media to benefit from the events held by us. A portion of the income we generate would be given to the social media account holders that have partnered with us based on the number of people that register with us through those accounts.


  • Active Instagram account.

  • Account should be primarily be of wildlife/environment(Personal accounts of environmentalists/wildlife enthusiasts are also allowed) 

  • Minimum of 1000 followers.

  • Good amount of reach for posts/stories.

Accounts that do not fit the eligibility criteria can also apply, but would have a lower selection rate.


  1. Each sponsored account will receive a code based on their account initials. 

  2. Content regarding events like posts, reels, and stories will be shared to the account owners.

  3. The account owners will have to upload this content on their stories directing more people to the event web page using "Link in bio/DM for link"(e.g.

  4. Account holders are free to create their own content regarding the events(but are expected to avoid objectionable and controversial content).

  5. Posts and stories pertaining to events by us must be tagged @the.natureseye so that we can keep a track of accounts complying to the tasks.

Note: We do not ask the accounts owners to invest anything but, accounts that regularly do not comply with tasks would no longer be a part of the sponsorship program.


Based on the number of people that use the code of an account owner they will be paid 10% to 25% of the amount paid by the participant using the code.

Accounts that stay with us for a certain duration and are able to get good amount of engagement would receive a steady monthly sponsorship amount.