2-Day Workshop on Urban Farming

(Urban Farming Basics + Virtual Tour)

India is known as an agricultural country, a statement that we have been listening to since our school days. When it comes to farming the first image that comes to our mind is huge fields in a village. The crops move around with the wind and the wind carries a distinct scent of the earth. The taste of freshly grown food just hits different. But with rapid urbanisation, fresh food is becoming difficult to be procured and thus directly impacting one’s health. To overcome this, urban farming is one of the many solutions.

The Nature’s Eye presents a 2-day workshop on Urban Farming. Urban farming is the practice of growing food in and around cities. It goes hand in hand with sustainable living and is accompanied by activities such as composting, it can result in zero-waste living. Urban farming has proven itself to eliminate food insecurity in urban areas and provide organic and fresh food.

What to Expect?

Day 1: 14th June | 5:30 to 6:00 PM

Topic: ABC of Urban Farming

  • Know about what Urban Farming is. An introduction to the basics of Urban Farming.

  • The last half an hour will be the Q&A session.

Day 2: 15th June | 5:30 to 6:30 PM

Topic: Visiting an Urban Farm

  • A virtual tour of the urban farm created by the resource person. Discussions and Q/A session after the tour.  

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About the Resource Person:
The resource person is Mr Sachin Rane. An engineer turned passionate wildlife enthusiast. He is the founder of the Naturalist Foundation, an environmental conservation organization. He is also the founder of Naturalist Explorer, a sister company of the Naturalist Foundation. Mr Sachin has been in the field of ecotourism for 12 years and continues to expand his range.

Forager Farms is a project that started because of the concern of rising food insecurity and the global environmental crisis. The project was designed as a solution to waste of terrace space in cities, carbon emission of food transportation, lack of protein-dense food in common people's diets, water crisis and whatnot. After years of pondering over these issues, they created a design of an agriculture unit that can be set up in cities, use non-functioning land assets, grow multiple good commodities, imitate natural cycles, and become a solution to multiple environmental issues.

Details of the Workshop:​​​​​​

  • Date: 14th and 15th June 2022

  • Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

  • Mode: Online

  • Venue: Zoom Platform

  • Registration Fee:450

  • Early Bird Discount: Till 25th May 2020 ₹350

  • E-certificates will be provided on completion of the workshop and submission of the feedback form

  • In case of enquires, contact us:

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