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Computer Programming



print(‘What’s Up Wanderers!’)


Are you looking for a fun-filled learning experience in Python? Then you have slithered into the right page (hisssssssssss….caught you!)


Python is a popular general-purpose programming language which is used in web development, desktop applications, task automation, data analysis, data visualization and machine learning…..Phew! Whether it is sorting emails or analyzing climate change data, Python does it all like a pro. But what makes it even more popular is its simplicity and ease of learning. That’s why it is a major attraction among non-engineers too!


So…what are you waiting for? The Nature's Eye presents a Three-Day Workshop on Basic Python Programming for everybody who wishes to learn and explore the utility of coding languages in their respective field of interest. Join the workshop to hone your skills and make yourself stand out from the crowd!

About the Instructor:


Mr. C. Willson Joseph is an experienced engineer and a passionate teacher who primarily works in the field of computer sciences. His areas of interest include Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Networking and Software Engineering.       

Work Experience:

  • Assistant Professor-Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology (SCET) since 2017

  • Assistant Professor – Karpagam University (2016-2017)

  • Lecturer - RVS Polytechnic College (2015-2016)

  • Guest Lecturer - JKK Munirajah College of Technology (2011-2013)

  • TSE - Sutherland Global Services (2009-2010)

Significant Publications:

  • Published Paper in “Australian journal of basic and applied• science” Title: ENERGY ENHANCEMENT IN IEEE 802.11 USING HYBRID MAC ALGORITHM Dated: April 2015

  • Published Paper in “Middle-East Journal of Scientific• Research(IDOSI Publications)”. Title: Enhancement Of The Back-To-Back Throughput Performance Of Ieee 802.11 By Routine Fine-Tuning Of The Channel Access Probability. Dated: 2015

  • Published Paper in “Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research(IDOSI Publications)” Title: Efficient Use Of Network Property In Ieee 802.11 Using Racc Mechanism. Dated:2015

  • Published Paper in “International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering” Title: Credit Card Fraud Detection Based on the Transaction by Using Data mining Techniques. Dated: Feb 2017

  • Published Paper in “International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering” Title: A Survey on Big Data and Hadoop. Dated: March 2017

  • Published Paper in “International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research (IJCESR)” Title: Medicard And Fingerprint Detector: March 2018

  • Published Paper in “International Journal of Current Engineering And Scientific Research (IJCESR)” Title: HOME SECURITY SYSTEM: Feb 2018

  • Published paper in Scopus indexed journal “Jour of Adv Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, 14-Special Issue, 2018” Title: Certain Applications of Sensor Network in the Field of IoT, Big Data Analysis and Cloud


  • Research Scholar, pursuing his Ph.D. in Internet of Things (IoT) - Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences.

  • ME (Computer Science & Engineering) - Professional Group of Institution (Affiliated to Anna University), Palladam, Coimbatore (2013-2015)

  • BE (Computer Science & Engineering) - C.S.I College of Engineering (Affiliated to Anna University), Ooty (2005-2009)

  • DIPLOMA (CT) - Christ the King Polytechnic College (Affiliated to TamilNadu Technical Board), Coimbatore



​Who can join?

  1. Students of science background

  2. Environmentalists, Academicians, Researchers who wish to visualize their work through data analysis

  3. Engineers looking for skill development

Course overview and program:

  • Basics of Python Programming Language: syntax, variables, datatypes, operators, algorithms, etc.

  • Evaluation of Expressions

  • Decision making statements

  • Iteration statements

  • Introduction to

    • String and Operations on String

    • Tuple and Operations on Tuple

    • Dictionary and Operations on Dictionary

  • Implementation of basic Python programs

Details of the workshop:

  • Date: 15th to 17th February 2023 (3 Days)

  • Time: 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm (IST)

  • Mode: Online

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Participation Fee Details:

    • Registration fee: INR 900/-

      • Group registration (minimum of 3 members): INR 700/-

    • Second Early Bird Discounts (31st January 2023 - 10th February 2023)

      • Individual registration: INR 850/-

      • Group registration (minimum of 3 members): INR 800/-

  • E-Certificates will be provided to all the participants

  • For any queries

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