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7 Indian Dinosaurs you need to see right now!

Among the many beasts that roamed the earth over the course of billions of years dinosaurs have received the most popularity. it Isn’t surprising, with their humongous size and terrifying appearance sometimes seem almost unreal. They have been a part of iconic pop culture pieces like Jurrasic park and land of the lost. Although we know about the famous dinos like the T-rex and the Velociraptor there were some truly stunning dinosaurs that roamed the land today known as India. So here are 7 amazing dinosaurs that roamed the Indian subcontinent

1) Rajasaurus

The King Lizard of the Narmada ranging from 6.6 meters to 7.4 meters Rajasaurus was a massive carnivorous dinosaur that roamed the Indian Subcontinent.

Despite being smaller than the T-rex, some studies suggest that the rajasaurus was a more ferocious dinosaur built for more agility with a stronger bite.

2) Isisaurous

The Isisaur was a massive herbivorous dinosaur that could grow to the size of over 15 meters in length. According to one specimen, the dinosaur could have reached lengths of 18 meters and weighed over 15 tons. This dinosaur may have shared its home range with the Rajasaurus and might have had a predator-prey relationship at its younger stages.

3) Indosuchus

The Indosuchus was a 7-meter long dinosaur whose name translates to Indian Crocodile is a massive abelisaurid. The Indosuchis was a bipedal carnivore capable of running fast. A lot about the Indosuchus still remains a mystery due to the low number of fossils found.

4) Alwalkeria

The Alwalkeria was a small but fast saurischian similar to the famous velociraptor. Weighing approximately 2 kilos and slightly larger than 1.5 feet the Alwalkeria was an omnivore. Closely related to Eoraptor.

5) Bruhathkayosaurus

I still do not know how to pronounce this. The Bruhathkayosaurus was a massive herbivorous dinosaur, some claim it to be larger than Argentinosaurus which is considered to be the largest dinosaur. But the only fossil ever found was lost or destroyed in the tsunami that hit southern India and hence a lot of it is still a mystery. It Might have been 28 meters in length

6) Indosaurus

Not to be confused with the indosuchus, apart from the similar name the indosaurus was also a bipedal carnivorous dinosaur like the indosuchus and the rajasaurus. The dinosaur must have weighed around 700 kilos with Some studies of fossil remains suggest that it might have had horns above its eyes making one badass-looking dinosaur.

7) Jubbulpuria

Another small dinosaur about half a meter tall and 1.2 meters long, possibly a predator, earlier believed to be a therapod from which birds might have evolved but later was classified as a Ceratosaur that diverged from the group that later became birds.

There are a number of other Indian dinosaurs that we were not able to include in this list. The dinos of India are truly amazing and definitely deserve more attention than we give them. So take a moment to learn a bit more about the beasts that roamed these lands and do share this article with friends an family to help them to know more about the prehistory of India

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Piyush Shapekar
Piyush Shapekar
06 ก.ค. 2566

Rajasaur, indosuchus and indosaurus combine attack to T-Rex then who

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