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Syllabus: Day 1 ● Importance of the Maritime Domain in the Prosperity of a Nation ● Monitoring the Ocean Environment Day 2 ● What is AI? ● Case Study (A glimpse of how AI is used in managing Marine Pollution) Teacher: Capt. Nitin Agarwal Capt. Nitin Agarwal, Naval officer and experience in various facets of warship as a user, designer, inspector, maintainer, a policymaker, a teacher and a researcher. ● Research Interests include Corrosion, Shipbuilding, Deep Seabed Natural Resource, Submarine Cables, Blue Economy, Artificial Intelligence, Marine Pollution ● Research Fellow at the National Maritime Foundation from 2017- 2019 and presently a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Joint Warfare Studies and a Visiting Faculty at the Naval War College, Goa and the Centre for Maritime Studies at the University of Mumbai. ● Authored over 80 articles, papers, book chapters and two books entitled "Deep Seabed Mining in the Indian Ocean: Economic and Strategic Dimensions" and "Rise of China as a World Leader in Commercial Shipbuilding".

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