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We help provide young minds with the necessary resources and exposure of the real world to help them bridge the gap between a college degree and first hand experience.

In our quest to provide opportunities to those who wish to learn, we at The Nature's Eye " would like you to Unlock the door to adventure with our internship program, welcoming students who share a passion for travel, wildlife, nature, and exploration. Immerse yourself in organizing captivating outdoor events, where hands-on experiences await, shaping your skills and fostering a deep connection with the world around you.".


The importance of understanding ​and navigating the online workplace has been rapidly growing over the years and will only be growing for the years to come. Those who can adapt and work their way through the digital economy will have an upper hand among their peers.

The Training and Internship program by The Nature's Eye helps students set up a ticketed event from scratch by offering them training, necessary platform and guidance for the same. The students receive a certificate of completion, a recommendation letter and payment based on performance.

Training program outline:

  • Designing an event

  • Management tools

  • Designing a poster

  • Marketing event

  • Event conduction


  • Duration: 45 - 60 days

  • Training period: Initial 5 days​​

  • Members per team: 4-6

Your Benefit:

  • Participants will organize and manage the events with us for which they will develop their teamwork, management, content creation, strategizing and leadership qualities, along with certificates provided by us and they would also be given internships.

  • Participants will receive more exposure and experience that would be helpful in their future work profiles.

  •  Participants will receive experience certificates to add to their resumes adding value to them.

  • Participants that maintain communication and perform the given tasks on time would receive a letter of recommendation based on the tasks performed.

  • Participant groups that achieve a particular target will be paid 30% of the amount generated by the event as a stipend.

  • Chance to work with experts in various fields and increase your contact.

To join the program fill out the registration form below:

For more  details reach out to us at or you can WhatsApp at The Nature’s Eye +91 9767787609

Female hiker in the mountains
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