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Writing by the Water


Nature has always been an active part of poems all around the world. People have used nature to express an emotion, describe beauty or in many other ways. Some give examples of how rivers flow like the hairs of a beauty and some compare the peaks with determination. The poetic expression goes endless with nature in mind and to celebrate the vast beauty of the breathtaking literature that brings out thousands of emotions with just a few words we have decided to dedicate a special section on our website for the mesmerizing world of poems.

Theme: Kids up to 18 years of age- Nature


Adults- Rivers

"All Entries Will Be Displayed On Our Social Media"


  1. Poem should be newly made and not submitted anywhere else

  2. Participants' names should be present at the end of the document.

  3. Rename your document as “YOURNAME_Poetry_Title”

  4. The size of the file should not be larger than 5 MB.

  5. Acceptable formats are DOCX/PDF/TXT only

  6. Use of unethical and inappropriate words is prohibited.

  7. Local Languages are accepted (with a summary/translation to hindi/english)

Submission Deadline- 20th September 2023

Participation Certificate will be given

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