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Image Editor


Theme: Amazing Forests of India

Categories:  Phone, Camera 

Results: Premier on final day


  1. Videos should not be more than 6 months old from the date of start of the competition

  2. No special name or marking should be present in the video. Titles, Captions, Contributor names are acceptable, no voice-over. 

  3. Basic editing is accepted

  4. Clips of dead organisms is not acceptable

  5. Rename your Video as “YOURNAME_VIDEONAME/TITLE”

  6. The size should not be larger than 200 MB.

  7. Acceptable formats are MP4/MOV/M4V/ only

  8. Use of unethical and inappropriate words/clips is prohibited.

  9. Participants need to make sure no religious or cultural sentiment should be hurt.

  10. Duration of the video shall be between 1-2 mins only

  11. Make your videos in Landscape Mode

  12.  Participation Certificates will be provided.

  13. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will get a position certificate.

  14. 1st Position holder will receive a special gift from The Nature's Eye

Registration Fees- ₹49/-

Submission Deadline- 25th September 2023

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